The hike to photograph the Golden Cathedral has been on my bucket list for quite some time. Neon Canyon is an amazing colorful canyon which is a tributary of the Escalante River. The 9.5 mile hike requires  hiking across areas of open desert and multiple water crossings. Once in Neon Canyon it is a pleasant walk along the lush vegetation below the high orange-red Navajo sandstone cliffs walls streaked with desert varnish. Neon Canyon dead ends at the Golden Cathedral: A huge alcove with triple potholes that are technically natural bridges in the ceiling.  During mid day the suns rays shine down through the holes illuminating the canyon in Golden Columns. Zarita and I were joined on this hike and a few others with our good friend and photographer Dave Pence. This page also includes photos taken on other amazing hikes in the Escalante area including Coyote gulch, Sunset Arch, Bow Arch, Devil’s Garden, Dance Hall Rock and Mossy Cave Trail near Bryce.

Golden Cathedral, Image # 4072

Jacob Hamblin Arch, Image #1199

Bow Arch, Image # 2395

Bow Arch, Image #2240

Bow Arch, Image #2240