The matchless mine is listed on the national park service's national register of historic places. it is located on fryer hill in leadville, colorado's historic mining district. the matchless mine was Purchased in 1879 by Silver King H.A.W. Tabor and was one of the richest silver mines of the era. With the extraordinary wealth accumulated from the mine, Tabor and his mistress-turned-wife, Elizabeth "Baby Doe" Tabor, lived in high style.  Tragically, the Tabor's high-flying life style was not to last.  With the depletion of high-grade silver, coupled with extravagant spending, the Tabor fortune vanished.  Tabor died in 1899 leaving his family nearly penniless. following Tabors death, "baby doe" became a recluse and spent most of her time in a small cabin on the matchless property. she was occasionally seen on the streets of Leadville, her feet wrapped in burlap sacks to keep out the cold.  Sadly, her body was discovered frozen in the cabin in March of 1935, Elizabeth was 81 years old. this information and more can be found on the website for the national mining hall of fame at