The Bachelor Loop is a 17 mile driving tour that loops through creede's historic silver mining district and ghost towns. It passes old mines including the Commodore, Amethyst, Midwest and at 10,300'The Last Chance. We had the pleasure of spending the night in the "Miners Cabin" at the last Chance Mine and took the mine tour.  There are 3 rustic cabins that can Accommodate up to 12 guests with water, wood, and bedding. Use of the cabins is free but donations are accepted to fund mine restoration work.  we found the cabin very comfortable but having to get up in the middle of the night with temps near freezing to go down the steps and walk over to the real outhouse wasn't our favorite part. The reward though was the amazing view of the clear starry sky with the milky way shining across it.  and yes i tried taking some night shots there and they are in the "night Photography" gallery.  There are some aspen stands along the route that make this a great fall color drive.