On Black Friday instead of heading to the malls like many others, Zarita and I met our friends Allan, Lisa and Aaron Vajda for an adventure in Navajo country.  with our guides from Taadidiin Tours, we hiked approximately 7 miles down into cardiac canyon over to Canyon X. Cardiac canyon got it's name due to the steep entrance which requires sand sliding 90 meters down the slope into the bottom of the canyon. We followed the canyon upstream, downstream and climbed through shoots and climbed up ladders. We all enjoyed the marvel of the canyon with it's colorful Convoluted walls. after exiting cardiac canyon, we Walked the wash bottom over to Canyon X also known as Antelope Canyon X since it is technically an upper segment of the same canyon. In the wash we saw a huge mountain lion and 3 owls. Zarita and I toured Canyon X 10-12 years ago. At that time the canyon was very remote and required a rough cross-country drive to reach it Followed by a long extremely steep sandy descent/ascent to view it. Now the area is commercialized with graded roads to the head of the canyon and golf carts available to drive people up/down to the entrance. During our prior visit we had the canyon to ourselves. This time I'm sad to say there were hoards of tourists. I'm sure with the newly graded roads it will only be a matter of time before the area will be open to tour buses full of people that will love the area to its death just like Upper and lower Antelope Canyons. If you want to see these amazing canyons plan to go soon. Photos of Grand Falls, also known as Chocolate Falls are also displayed in this gallery.