clear skies and few people make Winter Camping at White Pocket an epic experience. but be aware, it is not for everyone. Dave & Karen Pence, Steve Bates, Zarita Norcross and myself braved the cold temperatures on the night of February 25th.  It was so cold at 4 am when we got up to shoot the milky way that The drinking water in our packs was frozen and our fingers, even while using hand warmers, could barely hit the shutter button to take a photograph and Karen couldn't feel her toes! Steve was so cold that he opted to stay in his warm car and not even venture out into the dark cold night for the coveted milky way shots. The daytime temperature on Saturday was pleasant but on Sunday morning the wind picked up and snow flurries started to fall during our drive down the Paria Plateau. Everyone enjoyed Photographing the swirling, multi-colored navajo sandstone formations and sharing their photography tips. In addition, we savored the yummy green Chili with fresh flour tortillas that we had for dinner and the hot bagels and raisin toast made on the grill for breakfast. It Truly was an ePIC trip and we all hope to return again but hopefully at a warmer time.  

©Zarita Norcross