The Left for of the North Creek is one of the most beautiful and popular entry-level canyoneering routes in Zion National Park.  Its spectacular beauty showcasing a series of slots, alcoves, pools and waterfalls is the reward to dedicated hikers and photographers that endure the strenuous 7 mile round trip hike that involves off-trail hiking and navigation, a 1000' elevation gain, boulder hopping and stream crossings. The most famous section of the canyon is known as The Subway- a spectacular half mile stretch where the curved canyon walls come together to form a large tubular tunnel complete with tracks down the center. Due to its popularity, the Subway is managed by a quota reservation system and requires a permit to visit. Our permit for the Left Fork Trailhead was for November 7, 2014.  From the trailhead, hikers drop into the left fork of the north creek via steep switchbacks, that were partially washed out from the recent flooding, into a wide scenic canyon. Navigating up canyon, hikers encounter a gradually narrowing canyon that leads up to the cascading falls, the crack and the Subway. It has been stated that the cascades and beautiful stepped waterfalls feel like a grand staircase leading to a sacred temple.