"Locomotive 473 was one of ten K-28 locomotives built in 1923 for the narrow gauge D&RGW. All ten engines which were called the sport models were sold to the Rio Grande Railroad. The 473 was delivered in August 1923. The 473 worked the rails in Colorado and New Mexico with her sisters 470, 471, 472, 476, and 478 until 1941 when the US was attacked at Pearl Harbor. The US feared a Japanese invasion through Alaska across the bering strait. The US wanted to build a railroad in Alaska to move troops and supplies into that remote area to defend Canada and the US. Seven of her nine K-28 sisters were taken to Alaska along with other stock. After WW II, the seven locomotives were brought back to Seattle where they all met the scrapping torch".

The Yankee Girl which we rode was originally built in 1880 and rebuilt several times over the next 134 years. The Yankee Girl car debuted this year and was named after the largest mine in the red mountain district.

Northbound Run-Bys: Whitehead Gulch, Timber Bridge

Southbound Run-Bys: Timber Bridge, Elk Park, Bitterroot and Horseshoe Curve